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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Our AI-powered converter transforms your photos into anime art, directly on your device for utmost privacy – no server uploads.

Any Tips for Optimal Results?

Use clear, well-lit photos. For a less realistic, more cartoon-like effect, simply re-submit the anime-style output. Remember, performance improves with faster devices.

Is My Privacy Protected?

Absolutely. Your photos are processed locally, never leaving your device, ensuring complete privacy.

Can I Save the Anime-Styled Images?

Easily save your anime images with the click of a button. Use the 'Save' button to download the image directly to your device, or hit 'Copy' to clipboard for quick sharing.

Why Is the First Conversion Slow?

The initial transformation may take a bit longer, usually under 30 seconds, as your device sets up the AI for the first time. Subsequent conversions will be faster as the system optimizes for your device.