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Prompt Suggestions

Anime style: A fantastical city floating in the sky, with elaborate architecture, floating islands, and connecting bridges, all set against a backdrop of drifting clouds and a setting sun

Anime style: An enchanting, dense forest filled with glowing plants, mystical creatures, and a sparkling river running through, illuminated by the moonlight

Anime style: A confident pilot in a high-tech mech suit, ready for battle in a sprawling futuristic cityscape with towering skyscrapers and bustling hover traffic

Anime style: A determined racer in a sleek, high-speed racing car, speeding down a neon-lit track in a futuristic city, with cheering crowds in the background

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There Sometimes a Delay or Error When Loading?

The image generation panel may experience a brief loading delay or occasionally fail to load. A quick page refresh usually fixes this.

How Does the Text-to-Anime Feature Work?

Type your prompt into the text box and click 'Generate'. Our AI uses the Fast SDXL model to craft an anime-style image from your description. Once your artwork is ready, download it directly by clicking the download button on the image.

Is Non-English Prompt Input Supported?

Currently, our AI model is primarily trained on English text data, so it performs best with English prompts. While it may respond to prompts in other languages, the quality and accuracy of the generated images can vary. For optimal results, we recommend using English prompts.

How Can I Write a Good Prompt?

For inspiration, take a look at the 'Prompt suggestions' on the left side of the page. To write your own, focus on clear, specific details like character attributes, scenery, and actions. For example, 'a knight in shimmering armor facing a dragon on a mountain peak' will yield more precise results.

What If the Generated Image Doesn't Match My Prompt?

AI interpretations can vary. If the image isn't what you envisioned, refine your prompt with more detail and generate again.

Is There a Limit to How Many Times I Can Generate Images?

Feel free to generate as many images as you desire. There's no limit, so let your creativity flow freely!